Delete branch-based ressource


After creating a branch-based ressource after a tx push -s -b command, how can you delete automatically the created ressource once the branch has been merged into master ?

It would be great to be able to do tx remove -s -b for example.

I want to do that because I want to reduce the words count of my plan.


Hello @Thierry_Lau,

According to your particular requirement to delete the resource from Transifex after you downloaded the translations, I would suggest you two workflows.

Both of these workflows there are already in a post from our community here.

Moreover, regardless the case you follow as described in the post I mentioned before, you can use our API to find the number of the project’s languages and when you receive all language’s webhooks you can create a script which will trigger a tx pull command in order to download all the translations and then you can execute a tx delete command in order to delete the resource from Transifex. In that way, you will not increase your word count limit with duplicate content.

However, in case you follow the solution where only new net sources will be uploaded as new resources then you will not have duplicate content under your Transifex project and therefore the growth rate of the word count limit will be increased in a smaller pace than the first solution.

I hope to shed some light on your question.

Kind regards,