Difficulties with Transifex-GitHub Integration


I am trying to setup the GitHub integration for the GeoServer project and with the developer team we don’t manage to connect the Transifex organization with the GitHub one.

Could it be related to the fact that I first connect the Transifex organization to my own account in order to test it and that something remains in the Transifex configuration which prevents from changing the GitHub integration?

On the GitHub side, the Transifex application has been installed and configured on the GitHub side for the GeoServer organization, for one specific repository but when I ask to authorize the integration on Transifex, I have nothing to select for integration.

The configuration on the GitHub side was not done by me because I am not an administrator of the GeoServer integration : could it be the reason why?


Hello @AlexGacon,

Thank you for reaching out to our community.
Regarding the issue you described, I have already discussed it with you in a pm.

Have a nice day!