Github integration with same filename

I’m trying to setup translation for Nextcloud documentation project:

I read carefully your github integration documentation.

However, it doesn’t explain how to deal with files that have the same filename in different subfolders.

If you could help, it would be amazing!

Hello @pierreozoux,

According to your question, it would be great if you could share an example of that files where are located in different paths but they have the same name, and also where you would like to have the translations for that files. Since your Github repository is public you can send me the links of both source files and translations paths and files. After that, I would like you to share the YAML config file of the Github integration to have a look, or share with me your Transifex project url in order to have a look over there. Thank you in advance.

At the end it was just 3 files, so I just used the one proposed by the integration, and removed/copied the previous ones.


Hi @pierreozoux,

I am happy that you figured things out.

Have a nice day!

Kind regards,