How about handling Right To Left (RTL) languages such as Arabic with variables ICU handling?

RTL should work out of the box for static text, without variables. We will need to investigate further the case of RTL handling.

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Usually it’s not localization dependant, the text rendering is handling the actual display at the end.

Yet Arabic has 6 different plural forms, how is that handled?
The case of Hebrew is a little different, we had 2 plural forms and recently changed to 4, can we change it on the fly?

Hi Yaron,

Since ICU syntax is supported, you will need to handle plurals on a target language by adding the proper number of plural forms. Using Transifex editor you can edit all plural forms supported by a a target language, e.g. for Hebrew Transifex UI supports Hebrew(he) and Hebrew (Israel) (he_IL) where you can add 4 plural forms on the editor and Transifex Native SDK is responsible for rendering correctly the ICU in the code.

If you have something different in mind, could you share an example so that I understand better?

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