Make spaces/blankes visible

It is very hard to see if a string for translation has a blank/space at the beginning or the end. For example, if the word is "Word: ", I often translate it as “Translation:”, because I don’t see the blank/space at the end in Transifex. It would be very helpful to make the blank/space visible (color, symbol…). Thanks.

Hi @Nomis101,

This is a feature we already support. You can enable this option via your editor preferences as you can see below:


Does this help?

Hi Nina,

thanks for your answer. Sadly this does not really solve my issue. First, because enabling this option only inserts a very very tiny dot, which is very hard to see. But most of all, because it doesn’t work for my issue at all. I get a small dot between two words “Word1 Word2”, but I don’t get a dot if the space/blank is at the end "Word ".

Hi @Nomis101,

How about enabling the following settings as well?

  • Large font size
  • Enable dark mode

The result will look like this:


In the above example, you can see that the string ends with space and this is visible in Transifex Web Editor.
Which is the file format do you use? This might be related to a specific file type that’s why I am asking.


Thanks. Thats a bit better now.

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