Transifex Figma Plugin

Hi all,

We are excited to announce the launch of a new integration we worked on between Transifex and Figma.

You can now accelerate your localization workflow and go to market faster by bringing your Product, Design, and Localization teams closer using the Figma plugin for Transifex. Easily send your design texts from Figma to Transifex’s powerful translation management system (TMS) to get them translated. Pull the translated texts back to Figma to validate internationalization (i18n) and resolve any translation issues before coding begins. You can find more information in our documentation guide here.

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Im trying to config the beta plugin, but when i add the token on figma he ask me to get the suport :frowning:

Hi @Mariano_Vale,

Thank you for your interest in the new integration we have built.

The current implementation is in beta. This is a paid add-on, so if you are interested in trying this out please contact us using this form and we will be more than happy to further assist you.