Transifex not pulling sources automatically

Currently, when I go to the settings of my project, I see that the last sync is from March 2nd:

When I go to my project, I that the last commit is from 17th of March.

When I go to the settings of the integration, I see

It is not clearly defined when a sync happens, however, I would expect that you hook into the commits and whenever there is a new commit, you pull the changes.

My guessing why this happens:

  • If there is something like CI status checked (currently failing) before pulling, then I would like to have this documented or as an opt-in as it is with Heroku Github Sync.

Hello Nicco

Thank you for reaching out to us. First let me explain what triggers a task. For source file updates from github into Transifex a commit in github triggers the sync. When a translation is completed a webhook is triggered which pushes the translation into github. These triggers are automatic and for the most part instantaneous. There is no CI tool which is involved.
Please let me know if this clarifies things.

Kind Regards,

Yes, thanks. That clarifies that we both expect Transifex to do the same. Please have a look at the project on GitHub (Sorry for not providing the link). The last commit is from Mar 21, 2020. This is what I see when visiting the language de:

The source of the strings.xml file at the bottom is dated 29th of Feb 2020. I can not translate new strings which are present in the project. There are now about 70+ Strings.

Do you understand that I see a difference between what I expect and what I see?