Add Bislama to Transifex supported language list


Could you let me know what information I need to provide to Transifex in order to add the Bislama language in the list of supported languages by Transifex so then it can be added to projects?

Kind regards.

Hi @chrislombardo,

All the information you need can be found in our FAQ section here:

Since this language is not included in the Unicode standard for Language Plural Rules, then would it be possible to find an authoritative source for the correct data and point us to that? In case you cannot find anything else, then we can still support this language by following the English plural rules instead. Please let me know so as to proceed accordingly.

Hi Nina,

First of all thank you very much for your prompt reply, it is important for this small nation and it’s going to help a lot to add Bislma in Transifex.

Basically, Bislama is a pidgin of English but I have access to a thesis about it so I will send you some information about as well as the pdf itself. I also have access to a linguist specialist of that language who made be able to help me as well so we’re going to work this out with no problem.

I’ll get back to you in a few days with more information.


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Hello Nina and Anthony,

Here are all the technical references available for Bislama:

Apparently, the Wikipedia and Wikidata pages provide clear information about the pluralization rules.
Note: The CLDR doesn’t, we are also working on this but it may take a long time.
I hope these links contain the information you need to add Bislama to Transifex.


Library of Congress
ISO-639-1 [bi] and ISO-639-2 [bis]

Summer Institute of Linguistics
ISO-639-3 [bis]

The Atlas of Pidgin and Creole Language Structures (APICS)

The World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS)

Wikimedia language code [bi]


This following list are research documents and guides about Bislama:

Bislama (University of Washington), 2010

Bislama Handbook (Peace Corps), 2014

The Evolution of Written Bislama (University of New Caledonia), 2013

Here’s an email from Crowdin about the pluralisation rules on Wikipedia:

**From: **Crowdin Support Team
**Subject: **Re: Bislama language specifications
**Date: **3 January 2020 at 10:18:29 PM GMT+11

Hello Chris,

I’m following the previous conversation with Olga and I’m back with updates about Bislama language :slight_smile:

Curiously, CLDR doesn’t describe pluralization rules for Bislama:

But Wikipedia has good materials :slight_smile:

The following plural forms are used here: one, few, many, other
It has the following genders: he, she, it

Hope this helps! Please let me know is any other questions arise, I would be glad to assist

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Kind regards,

Chris Lombardo.

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Hi @chrislombardo,

Thank you for sharing all this information with us.

We will further look into this and proceed accordingly.

When the new language is live, we will let you know

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Hi Nina,

Do you have any news about the integration of Bislama to the supported language list?


Hi @chrislombardo,

It hasn’t been added yet but as soon as I have further updates on this, I will definitely let you know (probably next week).


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Hi Christov,

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