Allow to not create empty pull requests

I receive a lot of pull requests from Transifex, once I change the settings.

Many of the create a pull request for a file which is already there with the same content.
You can see them here, the red ones.

I do not want to review useless pull requests.


  • Do not open empty pull requests by default
  • Allow an opt-out in the settings.
    • If you allow an option to remove empty pull requests and you create an empty pull request, please inform the reviewer about that option in the pull request description.

Hello @niccokunzmann,

Thank you for contacting with Transifex support.

According to your case, could you please share with us more information so as to understand better your case. What changes did you make and triggered these empty pull requests? I tried to change a YAML config file of a project of mine but I didn’t get any empty pull request.

Thank you in advance.

I think, I changed the mapping of the languages.

I am guessing: >ou create a commit with git. When no files are changed, git commit fails. In this case, the next command for pushing the branch should not execute.