Download glossary via API

I would like to be able to fetch glossary terms and glossary translations via the Transifex API.

The API currently has no endpoints relating to glossaries. Ideally, similar endpoints should exist for glossary terms and glossary translations as already exist for resource strings and resource translations. This would enable the translation and review status for glossary terms to be queried or updated individually or in bulk.

Failing that, it should at least be possible to download and upload glossary CSV files via the API.

I would use these feature to collect analytics about the glossary. For example, to determine how complete it is in each language. Or to determine which translators have used the glossary most frequently, so that I can make them reviewers, etc.

It would also be useful to sychronize glossaries between related projects and organizations that I control, or to use the glossary terms and translations for machine learning.


Hello @shoogle

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with feedback, I have forwarded your comments to my dev team and I’m sure this will be implemented in future releases.

Best Regards

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