How can you influence Transifex?

We want to be influenced by you!

Our product & design team is interested in continuously improving your localisation experience using Transifex.

We are looking for TX users that can help us shape the features that we are currently working on. So, if you would like to contribute to our efforts, you can send an e-mail at with information about your role and we will contact you to arrange a 30-45’ video-call session getting feedback about features that are relevant to you.

The more feedback we get, the better we can deliver what our Transifex users are looking for.

Looking forward to your participation!


I can do it in less than half an hour:
Mobile interface.
Custom special characters.
AI/ML processing of language to allow better “TM” suggestions.

There are several others but I think these are pretty crucial to my workflow.


Thanks a lot for your feedback Yaron!

You seem to have some interesting ideas about Transifex, which could be very useful :slight_smile:

Perhaps you may not be interested in a feedback session, but if you are, we would love to have a short call to listen to your feedback on some of our upcoming new features as well. Is it difficult to find a good time to talk this or next week?

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