How is Transifex Native different from existing localization workflows?

Transifex Native is exchanging source and translation phrases over the air (OTA) without the need of localization files, e.g. PO files in the case of Django framework.

This has the following benefits:

  • Developers can work in parallel and push to Transifex only the strings that they are working on. There is no need to push an entire PO file every time a developer adds or changes a string and no need to resolve conflicts when these parallel developments merge.
  • Translations can be added or changed in Transifex application and be available in your application without the need for downloading the translation file from Transifex, adding it to your codebase and deploying the application again. Also, when you are getting a report on an erroneous translation, you can fix it directly from Transifex and your application will be updated. No need to engage more people to do the extra steps shared above.