How to connect Figma and Github

The following is a workflow that some customers use to “connect” Figma with Github:

  • Designers create content in Figma.

  • They push the strings for translation to Transifex (a Fileless resource is created in Transifex, but GitHub works with files so this resource cannot be synced with a GitHub repo).

  • In the meantime, since the source content is finalized, designers can give the source strings to developers so that the code will also be updated.

  • The same Transifex project can be connected to GitHub. Once the connection is done, the source files from GitHub will be synced with Transifex and new resources (files) will be created under the same project where the Figma resource is located.

  • While translators are working on the Figma resource, Translation Memory auto fill-up can be enabled so that the same strings included in the GitHub resources will also be automatically translated, so there is no need to translate the same strings twice. You can set up the TM to be updated only when translations are reviewed so the GitHub files will be updated only when the translations in Figma are marked as reviewed.

  • Once GitHub resources are translated, the translations will be synced with GitHub.

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