Struggling to add pluralised strings for en_GB

Hello, currently I am working on a project whereby we are creating our own service / SDK layer for integrating to Transifex CDS (Native) via .NET, and I’ve hit one stumbling block…

No matter what form I send the string in to the CDS service, it refuses to be treated as pluralised, and I’m not quite sure where I’m going wrong, the sample string is as follows:
{file, plural, one {I have {# file} file} other {I have {# file} files}}

Which is being set against the “string” property in the JSON we are submitting. When trying to submit the above string for en_GB I get an error message saying “The plural rules of the resource_string do not match those of the project’s source language”

Hello ,

I am Christos , one of the support engineers in Transifex.

Let me see if i understand correctly. You are developing a new sdk to work inside .net , correct?
And you are trying to upload source plural strings. May i have the details of the project you are trying to upload to ? Is the source language of the project en-GB? You can contact us directly also at

Kind regards

Hi @chrisb yes that is correct, we’ve got it working for the most part, but struggling to get the plurals into transifex via the CDS service. I can provide details of the project, if required, but I can confirm that the source language of the project is en_GB.

Thank you for your answer and apologies for the late response.

In order to have a full picture for our devs , could we have access to your code ,or just the part for submitting plurals , developed for this sdk for our devs to have a look and see what is missing?


@chrisb realistically, all I need is a sample payload which can be sent to the CDS which is treated as a plural string… once I have this I can then continue with integrating plurals into our sdk.

Hey dear Mark ,

Our devs are looking into it. We have a test we would like you to try.

curl -X POST \ 
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer token:secret" \
  -d '{"data": { "plural_key": { "string": "{file, plural, one {I have {# file} file} other {I have {# file} files}}" } }}' \

Replace token: secret with your native credentials .If this works and most probably there is something wrong in your code , maybe some escaping or spacing issue.

Also , I have a question regarding the sdk you are building. Is this developed as open-source ? If not, would you be willing to open source this sdk?

Looking forward to the result of the test and your answer.

@chrisb many thanks for the sample plural string, I can confirm it’s now gone into the system successfully, and I now fully understand the format required for CDS.

In answer to your other question no it is not, and unfortunately that won’t be possible I’m afraid.

Glad to hear that issue was resolved.

I understand and thank you for getting back to me.

Always at your disposal.