Transifiex.yml config error

I am trying to configure my transifex / github integration and I get this error when it reads my transifex.yaml file.

The provided config has an invalid YAML structure `git` section missing

Can someone point me to documentation regarding the ‘git’ section? I went through the integration instruction and id not see this section.

Hello @delasare

The GitHub config file must exist in GitHub, and it must start with…

      - filter_type: <file_name>
        file_format: <i18_type>

We’ll get the documentation updated soon!

Transifex Customer Support

Thanks for the response! I am getting a different error now:

Config file is invalid: Config must be a YAML dictionary with at least a "filters" node
The "filters" node must contain at least one filter
Invalid filter_type value

Hi @delasare

Can you please share the full contents of your config file so we can take a look at it? (You may send it to if you’d prefer.)

Transifex Customer Support

Sure thing. I will send it via email.


Hi @delasare

Thanks for sending us the file. As my colleague mentioned in his email reply, the issue was the source_file_extension parameter, which should only be used with a filter_type of “dir”. Spacing is also important with these config files. Here is a link to our GitHub documentation, which has been updated… Link Transifex with GitHub | Transifex Documentation

Transifex Customer Support