UI does not update

I am building a browser extension using angular.
For some reason, translations do not update the UI?
Inspecting the instance, I can see the response is cached.


To help you with the troubleshooting, can you please help me answer the following questions?

Can you please share this part of your code? Is this happening in a specific language code? Are you using something like an iframe? Do you see any errors in the console? Is this happening in one part of your project or multiple locations?



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Yes, the angular app runs inside an iframe. There are no errors in the console and no translations are working.

This is how i mark text for translation:

  {{ "For this page" | translate : { _key: "text.for_this_page" } }}
  str="No content has been created<br />for this page yet."

Thank you for your reply; I think the issue is related to the iframe; please keep in mind that the iframe is a wholly isolated component, and all the data between the leading site and the iframe should be communicated appropriately.

Let me know if the above information helps,

Unfortunately that’s not the issue. I managed to trace it and the issue is caused by eval() / new Function() being blocked by extension CSP.