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Welcome to the Transifex Community Portal, a place where we learn, help each other and share experiences with all things Transifex and localization. Feel free to ask your questions here, coordinate on your public community projects, submit your ideas, whatever you like!

Get started today, sharing what you are translating and your workflow summary here - click on REPLY, and introduce yourself and your processes :slight_smile: .


Glad to see you started your community.

Hello @glezos. Now we can close https://github.com/rakekniven/Transifex-Issues/issues/13 , or?

Best regards.


Hi there,
I guess you can close that :wink:
We have recognized and are investing effort due to the importance of having a forum where Transifex users can interact, share ideas and improve their localization process!
You are welcome to start sharing here what your organization has been doing :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend,


Woohoo! So happy to be having this medium for us to interact @rakekniven.

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Hi everybody, my name is Tung, a new member on Transifex, hoping to help ^^!


Welcome to the community @olalavui!
Happy to have here new users like you :slight_smile:
Feel free to comment and add your input for any topic like L10Guidelines, or anything you learned from your experience!
And of course, ask for help if needed!
Have a great day!

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I’m an experienced Dutch and Flemish translator and have already translated a couple of games in the past.
My favourite game so far to translate was Lifeboat (Minecraft).
I got the inspiration to translate from a Google Translated game called Formula Clicker, the creator of the game had no idea someone used Google Translate, but I noticed it.
After contacting him he desided to let me re-translate his game with succes.
When he added my translation I got further on internet to translate more games.
Now I’m here.
What’s your story?

-Bradley D

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