7 Minutes of Your Time Unlocks a $10 Donation

Hi everyone,

We hope you and your loved ones are safe during these uncertain and challenging times.

As a company, we are focused on staying strong and helping those in need. We have recently launched a G2 Crowd reviews campaign that gives back not only to Transifex as a business but also to vulnerable people.

Transifex has partnered with Doctors Without Borders to raise money for coronavirus emergency response including caring for patients, offering health education and mental health support, and providing training for vital infection control measures in health facilities around the world.

For each review, you can unlock a $10 donation to help Doctors Without Borders keep their regular medical programs running for the extremely vulnerable communities they support. Our goal is to raise $500. Together, we can make it happen.

Screenshot 2020-05-20 at 12.07.31

The review should take no more than 7 minutes.

Thank you all for being a part of this effort :slight_smile:

Stay Safe,
The Transifex team

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