A Message to Our Community

Previewing your translations in the Transifex app :tada:

Hello everyone!

We are happy to inform you that we have enabled the “in-context” functionality in the transifex-app project. This means that in most strings you will be able to see where your translation will live and see it on the actual webpage.

The presence of context is indicated by the eye icon displayed above the translation box of a string in the editor. Once you select a string to translate, you will be able to see the eye icon if context is available for that string. When clicking on the eye icon, a user will see a list of URLs where this particular string is found. Clicking on a URL will open a new tab with the website where the string is going to be highlighted.

You may also read our documentation Context for files | Transifex Documentation to get a better understanding of the feature.

We hope this improves the localization experience!

Thank you all for your contributions!