Added a way to manually sync content back to GitHub or Bitbucket from the UI

Hi to all,

Would like to inform you that we have extended our GitHub and Bitbucket Integrations with an option for manual syncing localized content from Transifex back to the linked git service of your choice. This option is available for projects linked to a GitHub or Bitbucket repository.
Project maintainers can find this option in their project’s settings, Integration tab. Visiting that page you will notice a new option “Manually Sync” next to active GitHub or Bitbucket sync status info.

Clicking that option a modal will popup where you can set the Threshold percentage for syncing localized resources.

Read the full documentation about the new functionality here.

We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on this new functionality.


Can I suggest that commits shouldn’t be created if there are no additions or deletions.

For example this commit was seen when manually sync’ing

(it appears that I can’t post a link to the commit - hence formatted it as code)

When a PR is already submitted, but now reviewed yet, updating a translation and syncing manually once cagain does not do anything. I guess the best thing would be to update the already existing PR with a new commit.

(Tested on Bitbucket)

To me, it also looks like adding a PR in Bitbucket does not add a list of default reviewers (from the Bitbucket repository setting “Default reviewers”).