Arabic English translator

Bilingual- skilled, reliable and talented translator with a proven ability to translate written documents from a source language to a target language.
As an independent contractor specialized in translation , editing and teaching English Language working with several reputed translation companies and to build a close professional relationship with worldwide clients. This later allows me to highly scale the peaks of professional life. Not only did I gain experience when it comes to performing my duties but also skills like punctuality, time management, hardworking.
My main objective is to develop and sustain positive customer relationships and I believe that every customer is important and should be treated accordingly. Whether you bring me a simple one-page document for translation or a large project, you will always receive the same excellent treatment from me. I work hard to exceed your expectations and earn your loyalty. I leverage my expertise on your behalf to help you identify the language and dialect appropriate for your project before you make a commitment.

I’ve been doing daily translation, teaching Arabic to English and vise versa, training projects before knowing upwork website. I started my translation work officially in 2010. I’ve translated thousands of documents, contracts, policies, researches, theses, Banners, Ads, brochure, customer’s e-mails, Fundraising e-mails to for my customers.
I guarantee always quality to my customers.
Along with accurate and high quality translations and teaching, I also provide editing, proofreading and Training consultation.

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