🎩 Contentful Integration: Support Referenced Entries inside a Rich Text field

We’re excited to announce a recent enhancement in Contentful. :tada:

What was happening before our enhancement?

Previously, any Referenced Entries in Rich Text fields were being ignored when pushing your content to Transifex for localization leaving out crucial content untranslated.

What’s new?

With our latest enhancement, we’ve addressed this for you. Now, Referenced Entries will be imported into Transifex and can be localized as any other content in Contentful. This ensures that all relevant content is captured for translation.

How to take advantage of this enhancement:

  1. Go to your Contentful space.
  2. Find an Entry with at least one Rich Text field (or create a new one).
  3. Edit the Rich Text field and click on “Embed”.
  4. Select to add a Reference Entry within the Rich Text field and choose the entry you’d like to reference.
  5. Save your Entry.
  6. Utilize the Contentful integration or Transifex app within Contentful to pull or push the Entry to Transifex.
  7. Voilà! You should now see at least two resources in Transifex—one for the initial Entry and one for the Referenced Entry.

This enhancement streamlines your localization process, ensuring all relevant content is seamlessly integrated into your translation workflows.

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