Development badges and opening the API of a project


Dear Transifex users and Transifex Team,

thanks so much for providing this service to open-source projects.


Many open-source projects use badges e.g. from to communicate the status of the project.
These badges and other information requires open communication about the status of the project. As this concerns Transifex, they would require an open API endpoint for open projects to work and support the ecosystem.


I created an example project which allows projects to open their APIs “open-transifex-api”, hosted at with an open source to use and improve.
Now, anyone can make read-requests to projects who invite the user open_api.


You can request some endpoints listed under
Here an example for the resources endpoint:

Services can be built based on these API features, such as Project progress badges, available to anyone inviting the user open_api and as such opening the API.

Example badges:

and the same for resources:


Having a open API for projects from an open context allows users to add services to Transifex more easily. It enriches Transifex with features driven by the need of others. An open API provides the platform. In short: giving away information easily allows others to improve their project and share their improvements with other Transifex users. Again, the network effect will drive more people to the platform. Open features are also available to paying customers.