📣 Exciting News! Introducing Support for Flutter ARB Files

Hello everyone,

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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added support for Flutter ARB files :tada:

What are Flutter ARB Files?

ARB files are essentially JSON files that contain key-value pairs. Each key corresponds to a message identifier, and the value is the localized message. ARB files can include metadata for messages, such as descriptions, placeholders, and context. This additional information helps translators understand the context and purpose of each message.

Here is a simple example of an ARB file:

  "@@locale" : "en",
  "appName" : "Demo app",
  "pageLoginUsername" : "Your username",
  "pageLoginPassword" : "Your password",
  "pageHomeTitle" : "Welcome {firstName}",
  "@pageHomeTitle" : {
      "description" : "Welcome message on the Home screen",
      "context": "This text appears on the homepage",
      "placeholders": {
          "firstName": {}

Getting Started

For more details on how to localize Flutter ARB files with Transifex, check out our comprehensive Help Center article here.

We’re excited about this enhancement and look forward to seeing how it improves your localization experience. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us.