Project Fluent Support (.ftl Files)

I currently use Project Fluent for my project, and it has come to my attention that Transifex does not support the usage of the Fluent localization files (with an .ftl extension).

Are there plans to support this file extension or do I have to migrate to a different one? For me I believe Fluent is an amazing localization tool and I do not want to drop it from my project.

Hello @HTGAzureX1212 ,

Thank you for reaching out to our community.

Unfortunately, we don’t have in our current plans, at least for the next 2 Quarters, to support this file extension. However, I will pass this request to our product team for further evaluation.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

Hey there @Panagiotis_Kavrakis, thank you for your reply!

I find Transifex nice as it supports open-source projects in a great way and that it has nice features - just a little downside that certain file formats are not currently supported. That said, Fluent is indeed an amazing file format for localization things, and it would be great if Transifex could support it in the near future to facilitate translation with my translation team.

FYI, here is the official website to Project Fluent:

Kind regards,

Hi @HTGAzureX1212 ,

I understand your point, and I assure you that I have already forwarded it to our product team.

Thank you for using Transifex services, and hopefully, in the future, to support more file formats for your case.

Kind regards,

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