Exciting News: Supercharge Your Translation Workflow with Auto-Review and Proofread!

Hello Transifex Community!

Does this process seem all too familiar?

  • Enter the Transifex Web Editor.
  • Apply filters: Origin - TM, Reviewed/Proofread - No.
  • Select all strings and mark them as reviewed/proofread.

We know, it’s a bit of a manual task. But guess what? We’ve got some thrilling news to share with you. Our latest release brings a revolutionary feature to streamline your translation workflow – the Automatic Review and Proofread Option.

With this feature, you now have the power to decide whether translations generated automatically by your Translation Memory will be automatically marked as reviewed or proofread.

What’s the big benefit? By setting up auto-review or auto-proofread, you’ll save valuable time and resources. Say goodbye to the hassle of ordering reviews or involving internal reviewers for these translations.

Eager to learn more? Check out our Help Center article here.

We’re thrilled to put this powerful capability in your hands, making your localization process more efficient than ever before. Give it a spin and let us know how it transforms your workflow!