Translation Memory: (is possible to auto review) or suggesting other alternatives

Would it be possible for strings that are auto-translated by TM to be auto reviewed?
To give more context about the circumstances, we have the following:

  • A project with many resources as po/pot files
  • The project will change branch occasionly per release, call it P(t)
  • When the project has a new release, I new project per say P(t+1)
  • Now want to be able to maintain P(t) and P(t+1) separately
  • P(t+1) and P(t) will share most content
  • In order to enhance efficiency all projects P(t), P(t+1)…P(n) will be assigned the same translation memory group

Now considering the scenario, I don’t think when a new release occurs and not much has changed (nothing at all) between a resource of P(t) and P(t+1), there will be many (or all) with 100% matches, but still, it would need to be reviewed, which means repeating the same work for each P(n)…

So do you have any suggestion if it’s possible to make strings auto reviewed if per se the resource hasn’t changed at all between P(t) P(t+1), or maybe do you have other suggestions of who to handle a project branching…

Hello @ghassanmas,

We have a ticket already to allow marking strings as Reviewed that have been auto-filled by TM. We’ll keep you posted about any updates to it.

Regarding the branching, we do have a setting to only allow Reviewed translations into TM. Would this help you?..

We do have an article related to branching, though I’m not sure it addresses items you mention…


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@Ryan Thank you for your input, I appercaite that,

I still have a few inquiries though:

  1. Can you estimate when the auto review feature would be available?

2)Other unrelated question, if we start a new project with a translation that already exists, does transifex asks to review already filled up translation (which project already had from the begging).

  1. Lastly regarding the branching you referenced while it might be helpful to get how it’s implemented, we can’t rely on it because it takes into consideration that there will be one master branch while for our implementation we would have a few masters branches in the same time (one per release), so to be able to make them maintainable we going to create a new project per release

Best regards,


  1. We cannot give an estimate yet for when this will be available, unfortunately.

  2. I’m not sure I understand completely, however, translations can be shared between projects by either adding both projects to the same TM Group or by downloading a TMX file from an existing project and then uploading it into another project. A Reviewed state will not be maintained, though. It is also possible to only allow Reviewed translations into TM, which can help with re-setting the state of these strings.

  3. Yes, that would work as well :slight_smile:

Transifex Customer Support

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I think you answerd my inquiry, to recap:
It’s mandotry to review a string in new project even if:

  • The exact string has been already transalted and reviewed in TM (given the new project shares TM group with another project which already translated and reviewed the same string)
  • The exact string translation was already uploded using a TMX file.

And the feature of auto review is still work in progress and it’s unknwon when it would be relaesed.


Just a final note that it isn’t mandatory/required to use the Review step. It is there for those who wish to use it, though. Also, translations can get into TM in a variety of ways. If you are sure, though, that only already Reviewed translations are getting into TM in your workflow, then it isn’t “required” that the Review step in Transifex be used in a project. Our system needs to be flexible enough to handle a wide variety of workflows.

Transifex Customer Support

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