🌐 Exciting News: Unleash the Power of Alexa Translations A.I. with Transifex!

Hey Transifex Community!

We’re thrilled to announce the integration of Alexa Translations A.I. with Transifex!

:rocket: Key Features:

  • Specialized Domains
    Alexa Translations excels in legal, financial, and security domains and boasts expertise in Canadian French. L10n Managers can now set up Alexa Translations in Transifex, ensuring high-quality translations tailored to these specific fields.

  • Flexible Machine Translation (MT) Setup
    Configure MT at either the project or language level. This flexibility allows you to choose the best MT service based on project type or target languages. For instance, utilize Google MT for your Help Center content and leverage Alexa Translations for legal projects.

  • Three Ways to Translate
    β†’ Editor: Translators can click the thunder icon for instant suggestions.
    β†’ Bulk Action: Machine translate selected strings in bulk via the Editor.
    β†’ MT Fillup in Project Settings: Enable MT fillup in workflow settings, ensuring new content is automatically translated by Alexa Translations.

Happy translating!

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