Figma Integration: Enhanced Screenshot Capture for Better Context in Translations!

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We’re happy to announce an improvement to our Figma-to-Transifex workflow that will significantly benefit your translation process. You now have more precise control over which screenshots are included when pushing strings from Figma to Transifex, providing your translators with valuable context.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Context: Translators can see the exact layout and design elements associated with each string, reducing ambiguity and improving translation accuracy.
  • Flexible Frame Selection: Choose exactly what you want to capture:
    • Giant Frame: Capture a single screenshot of the entire design, including all nested frames.
    • Nested Frames: Select individual nested frames to generate separate screenshots.
    • Text Nodes: Capture the topmost frame containing the text node, ensuring that specific text elements are clearly contextualized.

For more detailed information on how to utilize this feature, please refer to our documentation.

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