Filter option for new suggestions

Our team has large resources in Transifex. Some editors make suggestions to improve translations. But as reviewer I can’t see where suggestions have been placed. Would be good to have a filter to see suggestions [e.g. new since dd-mmm, of new non-reviewed].
Any other useful tip or trick is also welcome.

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Hi @rdnnk,
We are glad to see you contributing to our community!
Regarding your question, when you say “some editors make suggestions to improve translations”, are you referring to people that suggest changes using the Comments and Issues tab? Can you elaborate a bit more on your workflow? If that’s the case, have you tried to use the “Comments” filter and add a * to see comments? Another solution to track it, would be to ask those editors to open an “Issue”, and then you can mark it as resolved. That way, you will be able to filter by “Opened” issues. Does it make sense?

I want to make sure I understand the problem you are facing, to help you improve your process.

I look forward to furthering information :slight_smile:

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Hi Flavia, thanks for your followup.
What I mean is the suggestion tab in the same area.
Editors can add their suggestion on already translated and reviewed strings.
I know the other tab with comments. Unfortunately also other languages show up here. This disturbs an easy overview of all items. Marking items as issues, I thinks also others who reported issues in different languages get messages that way, or if they should tag me, I don’t know if all editors know who to tag here…