Github integration - too many PRs

The github integration docs say:

“The integration will make one commit per language”

However it seems to be one commit per resource per language. On a project with 40+ resources in 3+ languages, this turns into a lot of PRs very quickly, even if we wait for resources to be 100% translated and reviewed before the PR is made. Is there any way we can have the integration group the per-resource commits into a single PR? Not being able to batch them is pretty much a dealbreaker for using the integration at the moment, as there is just too much overhead for someone to merge them all, not to mention noise in the github UI. (Having the integration commit directly is not possible as it is a protected branch.)

Hello @rhiaro ,

Thank you for your message, and for bringing this documentation bug to our attention.

A PR is created for every resource/language where the update takes place. Unfortunately, for the time being, we do not support the option of sending these updates in a single PR or schedule sync between GitHub and Transifex but I completely understand the need behind this request.

I will forward your comments to the rest of the team so that the current behavior will be evaluated further and decide how we can better address this in the future.

Thank you in advance for your patience and your cooperation.

Kind regards,