Transifex should be able to push translations more often (transifex-github-integration)


First of all, the new Transifex-Github Integration is really nice, considering many organizations use GitHub.

Our organization just finished-up with this new setup. All seems good, except when we reach the last step of setup

When would you like Transifex to push content?

I think there should be more options available here as an org has to wait for their language to be 100% translated/reviewed in order to get those strings via automated commit.

What if I want to pull translations weekly from my Transifex irrespective of the fact that language is fully reviewed or not?

So, this new integration is good for those orgs starting up new on transifex or those who are just about to hit that 100% mark to utilize this feature regularly but those org/ users which have reviewed/translated percentage of language as 20-30% they can’t use this for now.


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Hi @gauravano,

I can see why it is not very clear from the attached screenshot, but pushing content is per resource per language, and not just per language. For example, if I have a resource whose translation reaches 100% in Spanish, content will be pushed, regardless if the Spanish language is 100% for all available resources or not.

The reason for this, is that internally the Github integration uses Transifex’s own webhook system, which happens on a resource level. This is not a hard requirement though, so if this is a recurring request, we can further tune it (to a weekly base like you said, for example).


Yes @diotsoumas, I know that it’s per resource requirement but what if an org is keeping all their translations in a single file like us - Not blaming the thought behind the options.

Should we modularize our files?

Actually, we recently performed merging of multiple translation files into one as multiple file approach was confusing to contributors. Maybe we’ll switch to that in future again.

And, yes, we would be happy to see the weekly pull option implemented if other users/orgs also feel the requirement.