How can anyone translate digital content through transifex?

Hello there,
I am here to know about the mechanism of transifex. I want to know that how can anyone translate digital content through transifex. I want to translated the digital content of my website that is related to generate fonts. If anyone have knowledge about my question then kindly share it with me please.

Hello dear Mistylan ,

Thank you for contacting Transifex.
So , from what i am seeing i would suggest that you take a look on Transifex Live.
I will share here with you some documentation on how to start with Transifex Live and translate your site.
Introduction to Live

Installing the javascript snippet

Approving and managing content

This is a good way to start . You will see that in Transifex there is more ways to actually upload content and start localizing.

Let me know if you need any more details or if you have any questions.

Kind regards