Localization solutions

I am looking to get my content translated in a few languages. I signed up but cannot understand what I need to do.

First of all, I would suggest you check our getting started guide here in order to understand some things better!

In Transifex, you can use one of the following localization options we offer in order to translate your content into multiple languages:

#1: Create Files based projects

This is our file based approach according to which you can upload your source files to Transifex in one of the currently supported file formats. This means that in order to translate your content via Transifex, you need to include your source strings in a file and uploaded it to Transifex. You can create new resources, update them or delete them.

#2: Use Transifex Live for your website or web app content

All you need to do in order to make this work is to add a snippet of JavaScript to your website. After that, it’s a matter of three steps to achieve what you want:

–> Approve the strings that have automatically been detected by Live
–> Translate them
–> Publish them

As far as the translate content options we offer, please find more information about this below:

You can: