How can I avoid my code being broken during translations?

Many times codes that are inside translatable strings are not preserved, and it will affect the integration. There are a few reasons why it might happen:
1- Machine Translation - Google translator sometimes add spaces and break the code.
2- Translators are not sure if it should be preserved.
How can we prevent it to happen?

The best way to solve it would be:
1- Add Translation Checks to make sure the Translator will preserve the code.
2- Run a review process to make sure that strings translated by machine translator has the code preserved.

We are also working to delivery a translation check on demand feature that will help reviewers when translations were done automatically via Machine translation, API or file uploads. More info will be announced soon!

Do not present code to translators, period. Hide it behind placeholders. Translators are not programmers, and we have to work without syntax highlighting too :wink: