Machine translation & HTML tags

Machine translation service does not properly handle HTML tags during translation. How can I handle this issue?

MT handles the whole string as a translatable text without excluding HTML tags from the translation process. I just would like to mention that the way MT translates a string cannot be modified by us since we are not the ones that offer and maintain this service.

So, when the strings are fully translated by MT, I would suggest you review these entries in the editor and properly fix the affected tags. Please note that the numbers in the highlighted part can be used for shortcut purposes. More descriptive information about how the HTML code can be handled in Transifex Web Editor can be found in our documentation guide here. So, when an HTML placeholder is preserved in the translation, the same number is used in the translation text as well. In order to easily fix the translation, you can remove the wrong tags from the translation string and populate the correct ones by simply clicking on the placeholders in the source string’s area. You can also take a look at the following recording so as to understand better what I mean: