How will I add instruction as context and other metadata such as tags using Transifex Native SDK?

Transifex Native supports the addition of metadata as parameters in your application’s code through Native SDK. The supported metadata you can pass are:

  • Context , to define additional context for the specific phrase. You can add a list of strings and separate them with a comma. Context data will be visible in the context tab of the editor.
  • Comment , to provide instructions to the localization team working on this phrase. This information is displayed in the editor’s translation area as string instructions.
  • Character limit , to add a character limit count for the translations. This information is displayed both in the editor’s context tab and in the translation area.
  • Tags , to define tag-keywords that can help the localization team organize their work better over phrases. To add multiple tags use a comma-separator. Tags are visible in the editor’s context tab. Read more about tags.

Depending on the language or framework your application is written on, syntax varies. Transifex Native currently supports only the Django framework, read more about the syntax of metadata on Django.