I'm mad with attack type translations

I wanna translate what is shown in unit description box. (ok i found and edited) Current Turkish translations of unit types are:
hack: birebir (it means one to one exactly)
pierce: fişek (it means cartridge or bullet)
crush: darbe (it means impact and its more suitable for hack)

It must be
hack: darbe (used as impact, swing, damage etc.)
pierce: delme (it exactly means piercing)
crush:yıkım (it means destruction. since its only used aganist buildings; its legal.)

One more thing. I dont know what translated as ‘Saldırı Sırası’ at line of attacks and attack rates but it means ‘turn of attack’.

Understanding of attacks types are important for customized gameplay and i’m gone a little mad really when i see last translations ingame. I strongly suggest to replace them in future.

Ayrıca tüm Türk arkadaşları da bu konudaki görüşlerini belirtmeye davet ediyorum.

Hi @Gunay_Yilmaz
Thanks for joining Transifex community and participating in it!
We totally understand your frustration when finding bad translations on the game.
Many organizations in Transifex are open-source organizations with no funds that rely on volunteers to translate the content.
I see that the organization you are part of has 120 Turkish translators…! That’s a huge number of people working on its content. I recommend you try one of the options:

  1. Write in the Forum channel so all Turkish translators will get your message.
  2. You can try contacting the language coordinators to discuss a solution for this issue. You can use the private message feature for that.

I hope those options will help :slight_smile:
Let us know if you need further assistance!

Kind regards,

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Thanks much for showing way.