Introducing the New Resource Filter in the Editor!

Hello Transifex Community,

We’re thrilled to share a fantastic new feature with you that’s set to make your translation work even more efficient and precise. We’re introducing the Resource Filter in the Transifex Editor, and it’s designed to enhance your translation experience.

What’s the Resource Filter?

The Resource Filter is a new filter introduced that lets you handpick specific resources when you choose to display all resources in the Editor. With this filter, you can select one or more resources, tailoring your view to only include the strings that matter most to your current work.

How Does It Work?

Here’s how to make the most of this new filter:

  1. Open the Transifex Editor and select to display all resources.
  2. Click on the Resource Filter.
  3. Choose the resources you want to work with.

Why It Matters:

  • Efficiency: No more sifting through unrelated strings; you’ll only see what’s relevant.
  • Precision: Tailor your work to your immediate needs by selecting specific resources.
  • Seamless Workflow: Combine the Resource Filter with other filters to refine your search results further.