Search Strings same features as viewing resource


When translating resources in the builtin editor, there are lots of filters available to us.
But when looking for strings on the dedicated “Search Strings” page, most of those are unfortunately unavailable.

Could those filters be added in the “Search Strings” page as well, to match those in the editor?

Here is a small diagram I made to illustrate the current problem:

Because of the lack of features, the “Search Strings” page isn’t that useful after all, and can be replaced by the editor for most searches. It is only useful in a couple of niche situations.
Basically, if you are looking for strings with more specific criteria (with open issues, or comments, or with repeated strings, or with user suggestions, etc.), there is no good way to search for those across all projects and resources of the organization; and you’d have to search for those using the given criteria in every single resource, which is not convenient at all.

This would especially be useful for reviewers (knowing what needs attention / help), or anyone (power user) wanting to help the project moving forward.

I know this feature might be quite heavy on the servers (searching across thousands of strings, with joins for all the criteria enabled), but this is something that would be really usefull, and this is something that the “Search Strings” page really needs to be on par with the editor.


Hello Ascor8522,

Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback as this is the best way to improve the whole translation experience.
Now, I will forward your comments to our dev team so they can review them and work on a solution, please keep in mind that updates or changes might take some time to implement.
In the meantime I just want to mention that perhaps you could use a tag for all those strings that have comments or issues so that way you could filter them through our “Search String” page.

Let me know if you any further questions
Best Regards

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