Issue with GitHub integraction, "no metadata to Github file path"

At RERO, we have three projects that make use of transifex, and we configure the GitHub integration. For two projects, the integration took place as we opened the projects on transifex, and it works fine.

But for the third one, the project already existed on transifex, and we’re struggling a lot to make it work. In the GitHub to transifex, everything is ok. But when a resource is ready (ie 100 % translate and 100 % revised), the synchronisation fails with this message:

Transifex resource with project slug `reroils` and resource slug `rero-ils-translations-messages-pot--dev` has no metadata to indicate the Github file path

The project is this one:
Here the resource:
The project on GitHub:

The configuration file:

  - filter_type: file
    file_format: PO
    source_language: en_US
    source_file: rero_ils/translations/messages.pot
    translation_files_expression: 'rero_ils/translations/<lang>/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po'

Here a glimpse of the files paths:


We tried a lot of things. And we’re not sure to understand correctly the error message, because where transifex is looking for metadata to the github file path? In the configuation file (integration parameters), or in the messages.pot, or in the slug?
I’ve check the thread on github integration here, and on the web, but couldn’t find anything about this missing metadata.

Hello Igor,

Thank you for reaching out Transifex support. We are looking at your issue. We will answer to you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

Thanks. I hope we will find a solution! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Igor,

I am posting here the solution to the issue you reported in case someone else comes across the same issue in the future.

When we sync resources with GitHub, the system automatically updates the resource slug in Transifex. This change should automatically be done by the system and not manually. Otherwise, the 2 systems won’t be able to connect.

More information about how this works can be found in our documentation guide here.

Kind regards,

I know this is a bit old, but I’m also experiencing this with the project at:

The Resources were created first, and then subsequently synced with GitHub. However, ever time I try to sync now I get the error:

Failed to send translations to GitHub:
Transifex resource with project slug `quicksilver` and resource slug `quicksilver-plugins-main-bezel-en-lproj-localizable-strings--master` has no metadata to indicate the GitHub file path

@Panagiotis_Kavrakis: your link doesn’t provide a solution for the actual issue. I did accidentally change the slugs manually, so what can I do now to get this working?


Hello @pjrobertson,

The relevant part of the doc that my coworker, Panagiotis, shared is…

So, to get these resources syncing again, please change the slugs to the filename + extension. For example, if the filename is “mysourcefile.strings”, then the slug should be “mysourcefilestrings” and the GitHub integration will rename it appropriately.

Transifex Customer Support

Great, thanks Ryan! That worked perfectly.

I had a couple of resources with the same name (localizable.strings) so I of course couldn’t set them all to use the slug “localizablestrings”. Instead, I had to rename them and then re-sync one at a time. A bit cumbersome, but it worked. Definitely not the smoothest integration ever.


Great, I’m glad you got it running again!

It is one of the more complex integrations. However, most customers find that it works quite well once they get used to it. It is duly noted, though, as this is not the first time this (slug/naming issue) has come up :slight_smile:

Transifex Customer Support