Linking GitHub repositories

Can I link more than one GitHub repositories with Transifex?

The GitHub Integration works on two levels:

  1. Connect a GitHub account to a Transifex organization. Doing so you give access to (authorize) repositories and branches from the GitHub account to Transifex organization. You can authorize multiple repositories from a single GitHub account, but you cannot authorize repositories from multiple GitHub accounts.
  2. Link a specific branch of a repository to a Transifex project. To be able to do that you need to have first completed step 1. When that’s complete the selected GitHub branch and Transifex project will have synced localization content. Synced content refers to GitHub files and Transifex resources and translations.

So for quick recap:

  • You can authorize access to multiple repositories of a single GitHub account to a Transifex organization
  • You can link a single branch of a repository to a project in Transifex

Hope this helps, in case more info are needed I can elaborate.


Sorry I don’t get this point, could you provide an example please?


A Github account can be related to more than one Github Repositories. So, Transifex allows you to select either all these repositories or only one of them. Please check the screenshot below:

However, an organization in Transifex can only be connected with a single GitHub account.

Does the above answer your question?

Yes, I was missing this part! :sweat_smile:

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