Managing files that do not need translation


I have a project uploaded to Transifex, but I only want certain of the po files translated.

What would be the right approach for this:

  • Only upload the files I want translated via the CLI? (Then GitHub integration will probably pick up the files I don’t want translated anyway)
  • Upload everything and manually use the EN strings in each target languages of the files I don’t want to translate? (time consuming)
  • Something else I haven’t discovered yet? Is there a way to blacklist folder patterns?

Thank you for your insight!


Presently when using a filter type of dir, the integration will read all files within that directory and all files within sub-directories. It will not ignore the files in the sub-directories. Therefore you have three options:

a. In github move the sub-directories that you don’t want read by the integration into another location.

b. In the Github configuration, use the filter type of file and specify each file individually.

c. Use our classic Github integration which uses the CLI client as described here.

Please let me know if this answers your question.

Kind Regards,