New Sorting Options for Translation Memory Suggestions! 🌟

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to announce that our latest enhancement introduces two new sorting options, “Sort by Relevance” and “Sort by Last Updated,” designed to boost your productivity and redefine the way you manage and interact with your Translation Memory suggestions.

:mag: Sort by Relevance: Precision at Your Fingertips!

The “Sort by Relevance” option offers you the utmost precision in matching your source text. Select easily the most suitable suggestions with confidence, and experience a notable boost in your overall productivity.

:arrows_counterclockwise: Sort by Last Updated: Keep Your Work Always Current!

The “Sort by Last Updated” option drives your workflow forward by giving precedence to recently revised entries. This functionality ensures you’re consistently aligned with the most recent updates, thus optimizing your process and fostering greater efficiency in collaboration.

Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to refine and enhance your localization journey. Dive into these new sorting options, experience the difference, and let us know how they empower your work.