Problem with btc mining can someone help you get a nice reward

Me and a friend have an android app that mined very quickly and we have been working every day for 2 years!
But first we got nothing in our wallet and tried everything. Nu da is about 4 to 5 BTC the man. And 2 months ago someone contacted my friend from swissborg and he was able to find everything from him and put it in 1 wallet and exchanged for fiat for e piece. So he got his mined coins from that trader with one. But unfortunately he no longer knows who he was and his emails no longer return to ask for the same for me. Because if I just mail at swissborg they claim that they cannot help me while we are sure that there is a trader who can do it! Now That I have been a customer a few times here and you also speak Dutch. I thought I’m going to be very sweet asking if you can’t help me or know who? Of course if you get all my data together. Do you get a very nice fee for it! But I can’t let go so much money. Because we have all 2 done the same thing so I am sure it is in attachment, I will also send you 2 pdfs of blockexplorer sken because that html code or java is chinese for it. But it can take care that a lot of things are still waiting somewhere. I will also add my ID if you need it. And please I hope you can finally help me. I’m waiting impatiently. Thanks in advance.
Jens Willems

PS i have pdf s that has the name bitcoin transactions but its computer language i think i cant onderstand it who helpen me get it all togheter will get a really Nice feel!

Not your keys, not your Bitcoin. one question: how long last your phone battery ?

12 hours but i mine with cable and i mined 23 000 satoschsi a minuten and i can still put it higher by buying pool hash with sat. This is the miner i also put some pics in attachments.

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