Purge Command in TX Client

We have one monorepo and within it multiple different React apps. In CI we detect changes for each app and push strings in the corresponding folder and append a project tag. So for example, given a change has occurred in both “foo” and “bar” apps, we would run"

  • npx txjs-cli push “apps/foo/src” --append-tags=“apps-foo”
  • npx txjs-cli push “apps/bar/src” --append-tags=“apps-bar”

We’re at a point now where we need to purge unused strings for each of these apps. But by using a test project we’ve discovered that using a push with the purge option for a folder removes strings for all other apps.

We also tried a push with a purge at the root level, (so npx txjs-cli push “apps//src/**/” --purge), but doing so destroys all existing strings, repushing everything.

Is there a way we can use the purge command but on a per folder basis?

Hello @aarr0n,

As of now, there is no way to purge per folder, unfortunately.

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