Using single transifex project in multiple react repos

With latest transifex/native version we can use multiple project instances by using react context.
However, it is very cubmersome and also adds much more work.

For example, let’s say we have a component ComponentA

export const ComponentA = ({ children }) => (
   <T _str="Just adding something here" />

and now I want to use this component in another repo 100 times. And so now, I need to do

/ * this code is in the main repo */
  <TxProvider instance={ComponentALibraryInstance}>
         <TxProvider instance={RootLibraryInstanceCopy}>
            <T _str="Some string on main repo />
         <TxProvider />
    <ComponentA />
 <TxProvider />
<Header />

You can see that I don’t want to do this 100 times in my code base. Plus, what that is just a simple use-case.
Imagine a component which takes like 10 props of type ReactNode. This means wrapping all of them with contexts.

How to use a single shared project across multiple repos.

We can easily solve this issue by just using a single project across all repos, But then we can’t --purge anymore as pushing from projectA will result in losing the strings from projectB and so on.

The above is my current knowledge.
What I am really looking for ?
Is there any way to use a single native project across multiple repos and also being able to remove unsused strings across all projects ? – we can do it using monorepo, but my concern is doing it across multiple projects.
I see we do have some tagging system but not sure how to relative them all in a sense where you can acheive the --purge behaviour across multiple repos.


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Hello @Saad_Awan ,

Thank you for explaining the issue so clearly! :pray:

We understand, and our engineers are looking into it. If and when we have an update we will definitely let you know here.

Transifex Customer Support

Any update on this please :pray:


Hello @Saad_Awan ,

I hope you find helpful the following link.

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