Recommendation for JSON translation. All translation in one file

I have a structure:

  "_id": "5db3673bb9de150038675e10",
  "name": {
    "en": "One",
    "de": "",
    "es": ""
  "owner": "5ce60d1fcc104c003802183a",
  "answerType": "single",
  "someProp": "do not translate"

Is it possible to translate in place just selected fields?

Any ideas?

I made a script to split it into files. After translation. I use another script to combine them together.

Hi Viktor,

Except for Excel (.xlsx), source string files and translation files (per language!) are different files, meaning you cannot combine source strings and translations in the same file, and each target language is its own translation file also.

Here is our documentation for Excel files… XLSX (Excel) | Transifex Documentation

Here is our documentation for JSON files… Structured JSON and JSON with ICU Plurals

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