Search by suggestion percentage?

Is it possible to search strings in a resource that match certain percentage number or at least a high number of percentage?

I have many resources with a lot of characters and very small changes, so suggestions show like 95% or higher. I would like to tackle this directly, instead of having to browse resource by component looking for these occurrences of high-percentage suggestions.

Hello @rffontenelle,

I’m afraid the editor does not have a feature that allows you configure the matching “%” but It can return certain matches, for example, Let say you have the following string already mapped in your resource:

Your private health information is secure at eka. It can never be shared with anyone without your permission.

Now, Lets say you performed an updated and try to look for a source string:

Your private health information is secure at eka. It can never be shared with EVERYONE without your permission.

The result will be “No results found”

Now, Lets try to use a pattern like “Your private health information is secure at eka”, this will return all string that match with that pattern:

Please let me know if this answers your question :slight_smile:
Best Regards

Hi @Cesar_Garcia .

Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I’m looking in a unknown changed strings (as it wasn’t me who changed) and also in an unknown number of strings (there could be none, or could be several approximated suggestions). So searching its text wouldn’t be possible in this case.

Please kindly consider passing to devs the suggestion of implementation of a search filter that looks for number of percentage of suggestions, or something similar that allows user to search possible easy/quick translation updates.

Hello @rffontenelle

Hope you are doing well.
Wanted to let you know that your request is our backlog and we will let you know when this is implemented.

Thanks for helping us improve.


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