Supporting XCode 15 Strings catalog

CLI only supports strings (.strings) files for iOS,
Will you support new Strings Catalog format (.xcstrings) for XCode 15 ?



Hello Mahmoud,

Thank you for bringing this question to our attention. I have submitted your request for .xcstrings support to our product backlog. This feature may be added in future releases, and I will inform you as soon as it becomes available for use.

Thank you so much for choosing Transifex.

- Sandy De la Rosa

any updates about this?

It would help a lot to iOS developers to be able to use Xcode String Catalogs


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Hello! I am checking the ETD of this feature, I’ll share the details soon. Thank you!

Hi there!

Any updates regarding .xcstrings file format?



Our team has not yet developed this feature but it will be evaluated to be built in Q2 of this year. I will update you as soon as I have any information.

Here’s a workaround that you can try:

You can generate localizable files per language by not using .xcstrings directly but using .xcloc as an intermediate (which contains an XLIFF)

This way you will only need to:

A) Export your content from XCode and importing to Transifex

  1. Product → Export Localizations


  1. This .xclock file is basically a package and among other things contains an XLIFF that you can use to upload a source or translations to transifex.


B) For exporting from transifex and import to xcode you can

  1. Download the XLIFF translations
  2. import the catalog from Product → Import Localizations

Feel free to see this very descriptive video of the localization process with Xcode if you’re interested in this approach.

Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns; I’ll be happy to assist you.

- Sandy


Hello! We’re thrilled to share exciting news with you! Our latest release, iOS SDK 5, now offers robust support for Xcode 15 strings catalogs. This means that Transifex seamlessly integrates with SwiftUI, enabling you to localize your apps more effectively than ever before. More information about this here

- Sandy